What do online merchants look for in an payment processor?

Most merchants don't know what they need or want. They just Google "merchant account" and click on whoever paid the most that day to get top ad placement.
With that being the case, I'll respond to the question from our perspective.

We've worked with thousands of merchants over the years and have seen just about everything. The most important variable is does the merchant service provider appear to be a perfect fit for the merchant. This may sound like a no brainer but it's almost always overlooked by both the merchant and the processor..

An e-commerce merchant should select the solution with the most ecommerce experience and expertise. If an e-commerce merchant walks into their local bank branch looking for a merchant account, the bank teller cannot answer questions about gateways, shopping carts, optimization techniques and robust fraud prevention tools. Price is irrelevant if you're not getting what you're paying for.

Secondarily, the payments indus…

Some aspects about merchant account

One of ecommerce main bodies is merchant. In payment system, the merchant account is provided by third party payment gateway. The merchant account, which is the seller in payment processing, the final receiver of the customer payment request. The online merchant generally sells product or provides services through their website or the online shopping mall. Foreign merchant and Chinese merchant’s customers can be domestic or overseas or both. Merchant account service includes every aspect of the payment processing.

First, ecommerce merchant account setup. Account registration in different payment provider company has different policies on charge. Free account is also available in some companies. It is dependent on different strategies and policies. Merchant apply for account, than the application will go through a series of views and check. The materials required are certificates for company or sole-proprietorship proof, and IP photo, and billing statement or water/electricity bills an…

Which are the best online payment methods?

There are so many things to consider before you choose the right payment methods for your business, so you need to make a strong research.

Find out what kind of payments your target market prefer the most. A lot of people want to pay by cards but there are also those who prefer local payment methods or bank transfers. Then, look for a seamless solution that will meet your business needs best.

The most important things you need to take into consideration are

The company location. Does the chosen payment provider support businesses from your country?
Your business model. Note that most providers have a list of businesses they don’t support (so-called high-risk industries) so, before starting the entire compliance process, make sure you won’t be rejected.
Your company’s reach - is it global or local? If you think about selling globally, you should find a payment gateway that gives you the possibility of accepting payments in various currencies to provide your customers with a local exper…

Which payment gateways provide a recurring payment system?

There are plenty of payment gateway solutions, incorporating recurring billing systems. Many of these solutions were mentioned in other answers to this question.

So, which one of them should you choose?

In order to make a competent choice of a gateway, you need to know, which particular features you need it to support.

Some gateways support various forms of recurring billing, decline recycling process (mentioneed in other answers), account updater logic, payment plan freezes, payment plan changes, etc. Others just support most ordinary payment plan types where a client pays a fixed amount on a monthly basis until the plan is cancelled.

Here are several customer-focused recurring billing system features that make them more flexible:

Ability to freeze or defer a payment plan.
Ability to change payment amounts or billing dates.
Support for pre-payments, advanced cancellations, and buy-outs.
Support for service fee deduction, customer alerts, and automated write-offs.
Support for several …

Who can provide the best payment gateway for internationa transactions?

Business to Business (B2B) transactions can be a complicated area of the payments industry to navigate, but the answer of which is the “best” payment gateway for international transactions really depends on several factors that are specifically related to your business model.

If, for example, you need to transfer only relatively small amounts, you could attempt to delegate the task to banking systems (wire transfers might help, or transfers through clearing houses like BACS and SEPA). Conversely, if substantially large amounts need to be transferred, you will most likely need to utilize the services of a payment gateway as well as partner with acquiring banks offering the specific integrations you require.

You might also consider partnering with Acardpay (a white label gateway for e-commerce platforms, presently a part of ACI) for handling large payments internationally.

However, based on my knowledge and international experience, no single payment gateway meets the regulatory require…

What is a gateway account?

Gateway account is a type of account from where you can manage your online payments , like check status, refund or return the amount , view total amounts. which is provided by payment gateway companies…

And if your are asking about merchant account then this is just like your bank account and attached account with your bank account to receive online payments using online payment gateway. if you are doing any online business like online shop, then you need a merchant account with payment gateway , most of payment gateway company also provide merchant account, if they not then you need to request your bank for merchant account.

How do you collect recurring payments online?

Building your own system is one way to go and there are good reasons to do so, especially at the beginning. Your needs are typically simple in the early stages. Maybe a couple plans on a monthly frequency. At this stage, you’re testing for product/market fit. You’re just trying to see if people are willing to pay you for your service or product.

But as you grow, your needs will get more complex. You want to add a free trial or coupons. Or perhaps you want to more easily track MRR and churn. Finance needs you to connect to their accounting software. Each feature or functionality adds to the complexity of your homegrown system. It can get to the point where you are having to build and maintain two products. Your main offering, which is the reason you went into business in the first place, and your subscription billing system.

As you grow it’s good to have a defined amount of resources that you’ll dedicate to your billing system. If you find yourself regularly going over that limit, it m…